Powder Horns By Ron Vail


What They Had To Say

~A Collection Of Sayings Engraved On Eighteenth Century American Powder Horns~


Over the years Ron Vail has written many articles for the Tomahawk and Long Rifle - the official publication of the American Mountain Men - and two articles for Muzzleloader magazine. This is his first book and is titled "What They Had To Say - A Collection Of Sayings Engraved On Eighteenth Century American Powder Horns." For the past few years Ron has been making and selling historically accurate museum quality powder horns. These powder horns cover the French and Indian War through the Mountain Man era. In his research to insure authenticity he has studied several hundred powder horns made from the early 1700's through the 1800's. This 31-page reference book, most of which is written with an old-time steel nib pen,is a collection of sayings engraved by the maker or owner on these old original horns. (Click the photos for examples). Spellings, word placement and letter substitution-i.e., the letter I was often used for J so Iohn would be John-are exactly as they appear on the powder horn. To the author's knowledge this is the only book available specifically addressing this area of our American heritage. The book will be signed by the author and, if you like, personalized.

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